Sunday, May 20, 2012

Triple Threat Librarian

Hello there.

This is not my first blog, but I hope this new one will allow me to share some of my interests - my previous blog adventures have had a more personal flavour.

I'm a librarian - of sorts (qualification - check!, job to match - hmm...)

I'm a crafter - of jewellery, cards, fabric objects and more

And I'm a geek - interested in almost all things geeky

I hope that here I can share all of those things with you. For starters, let me show you the cards I made for Mother's Day last week using the free design found here...

... and tell you that my favourite authors include Terry Pratchett, Jim Butcher, Neil Gaiman and Jasper Fforde, though I certainly don't limit my reading to these.

Now, back to working on another card - this time I'm using an image I've found but determining stitch placement myself.

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