Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Found Alphabet - Z

Less than seven hours from the end of the year I bring you the end of my found alphabet. This is the detail of a sign put up to tell tourists about one of Gawler's historic areas. No alternate Zs for now, I'm just glad to have had the chance to find a good photo to finish with.

It feels good to have finished this year though I have hopes to improve some of the letters through reshoots or new subjects and eventually produce some kind of poster as an end product.

Beyond this I hope to find a new photo project and create some more crafty things, possibly tutorials too. I also hope to start reviewing books again and I'm sure I'll have more to say on the business of being a librarian.

Until then I hope your New Year celebrations are memorable, I'll see you on the other side!

Found Alphabet - Y

I had great success looking for Y. Down by the riverfront I found the sleigh-pulling kangaroo's harness and was sure I had an unbeatable shot then only seconds from home I found this wire fence with the tops not bent over and just loved the shot.

All of these are in and around Gawler - the old steam train at the Gawler train station, a log near a church on Adelaide Road and the riverbank Christmas Display.

Just one more post to round out the year and this found Alphabet!

Monday, December 30, 2013

Found Alphabet - X

I'm so happy with today's X photos that I had to ask a friend to help me select which one to go with. Asides the half-shadow one they're all pretty decent resolution too - doesn't make it easy!

This is a rotated shot of a cast iron heritage street lamp in Gawler. I pass by it and many other beautiful heritage features every work day.

The shadow photo I'll attempt again later - at the moment the sun's in the right position when the light is getting quite dim so with a lot of zoom involved it's a touch difficult to get a good quality shot.

The shot with pigeons is the underside of a heritage road bridge - I like it for the pigeons and how lined up I managed to get several rows of struts, there is, however, the inevitable byproduct of pigeons in there too...

The staircase jumped out at me from some distance - I wish I could somehow have all of these as my feature shot...

Another post later tonight with Y - I've not edited/cropped/rotated any shots for that yet but I've got at least two I believe will come out exceptionally well.

Found Alphabet - W

I was incredibly lucky to get this shot - one morning this moth was just sitting on my verandha and it stayed put while I got a camera extremely close to it to get this. I wish I'd had my SLR ready to go to get a much more detailed close-up but I'll consider myself lucky to have this one. The unedited shot below (you will have to click on it to expand to full size) shows the amazing texture of the moth's wing. This was as close as a zoom/distance combo could get me without losing focus.

I have some other Ws that I'm also very happy with but I just didn't know how to top the one above... and yes, the same moth was a back up U - it's quite the show-off... these were found on a walk around this area. I especially like the tree, it was tough deciding between that and the photo I chose to feature.

I realise I miscalculated yesterday so tomorrow there should be a morning and afternoon post (bonus).

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Found Alphabet - V

A quick aside, somewhere in there while I wasn't paying attention my blog passed 50k views! Just a little excited. Thank you! On with the show...

Strictly speaking I mean to take photos sequentially... but this V was too good to leave behind. Technically it dates back to my holiday in November - this is the ceiling in one of the terminals of Kuala Lumpur International Airport.

I should be back with W tomorrow - a photo a day to the end of the year will see this alphabet done this year. Then I can work out which letters need a reshoot etc. and work on some kind of final project.

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Found Alphabet - U

It's time to pick up the pace a bit to finish this up this year! This picture is from the veranda of a local bakery that makes shortbread that I don't buy very often - only because I'm going to wind up eating the whole packet in one sitting. I was very excited to find the second U below - it's the wing of a moth that I happened across. I thought at the time I'd found my W and was very excited to get a wing-close-up letter, but there was more than one hiding there.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Found Alphabet - T

At long last, T appears. I may attempt a reshoot of my favourite T but although the brick one below has some things going for it I love that this one isn't so flat and it's got a very strange sense of perspective that's kind of fun.

There were many chances to get electrical pole Ts but I did that back at F and I didn't want a repeat...

I hope I can pick up the pace to get this thing done this year...

I also spotted the most wonderful M in leftover wrought iron on an old stone fence while I was doing this. I may have to think very hard when it comes to deciding which ends up in the final piece of work once the alphabet is finished.