Monday, October 15, 2012

Tardis card is bigger on the inside

I was invited to a Doctor Who party last weekend, and I got the idea of making a TARDIS card that was bigger on the inside. The exterior design was simple enough to come up with - I didn't find an existing design I particularly liked so I took a good look at the TARDIS and the needs of my card and came up with this. The magnets are not part of the card, just holding it closed for the photo.

I knew that the interior was doable because I've seen folding maps that pop out larger than their covers. After searching about I found what's creatively called the map fold - there are any number of tutorials on it but I found this one particularly straightforward. With a little modification on dimensions it worked beautifully, and there you have it. A TARDIS card that is bigger on the inside.

Just a tiny little bit proud of this one.

I'm making a lot of other cards at the moment in preparation for a fete, I'll show some of the best of them later but there are only so many photographs of cards I can justify blogging in one hit.

Oh, and excuse the clumsy watermarking. It's a just-in-case so if anyone shares it on without, heaven forbid, linking back, the photo will do that for me.

P.S. As I intend on making another of these and there's been some interest I'll look at making a tutorial for this card soon, likely after I return home in early November

Update: The tutorial is now available in this blog post!


  1. What a winner Heather! Glad you're doing well xx

  2. I'd love a tutorial/a way to buy one of these for you if you're selling.

    1. I am planning on doing a tutorial for these in early November - I'm not going to be at home much until then.
      I will be selling cards in the near future, however I'm pretty sure the TARDIS is licensed... so not that unless I can determine it's not infringing on intellectual property (yeah, I'm boring like that ^.~)