Sunday, April 21, 2013

Found Alphabet - K

I've had an amazing week! I've done at least 800km in the last six days, but it's been absolutely worth it. On Tuesday I travelled through the Barossa Valley and up to Clare on a day trip. I managed to leave my camera in a restaurant in Clare, making this photo even later than it was going to be...

But now I can bring you a pretty spiffy K - this was part of some decorative ironwork on one of the bank buildings in Clare. I hoped to find more instances of this letter on that trip but while I saw many others, including the H below, K eluded me until I had got all the way to Clare.

This weekend I spent an amazing couple of days with a group of friends - we played games, went hiking and generally had a blast. This photo was where we were hiking this morning. I didn't take terribly many others but I'm sure that everyone else made up for it! I did find a couple of candidates for L, so maybe you'll see them next weekend...

We did see some interesting trees as well - one appears to be gradually swallowing a boulder whole, while we could see a face in the other. Can you see it?

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