Sunday, June 2, 2013

Found Alphabet - O

I've definitely not had any trouble finding material to use for this project this weekend. If anything the challenge has been narrowing it down to a sane number to post.

I visited the Oi You! Adelaide art exhibition this weekend - it was fantastic though I'm sorry to say that exhibition has now closed. None of these shots are from inside though - they are from an outdoor work. There were a lot more put up on walls around the city for this event and I'm hoping that they're not planning on destroying them as I haven't had a chance to see most yet. Next weekend I hope to take the map I've printed out and go check out more of this work. If you happen to be in Adelaide it's well worth a look - what little I've seen myself and in the photos of friends has been amazing.

Most of the rest of the photos are also from the urban art festival or other bits of urban/street art I've seen around. There's a pretty cool mural quite close to my house though that has not yet made it onto here. I've had a fascination with street art in many forms for some time and I have a bit of a collection of photos I've taken - some day I'll have to link more of them out here.

It's been an amazing week on this blog. My TARDIS tutorial post got a couple of really big linkages and the view count went sort of crazy. Last I saw that post had passed the 8000 views mark. I'd sort of planned to do something interesting when I saw the 10k mark approaching... but a week ago when my view count was just past 4k I thought I had some time to think about it. Anyhow, it's amazing to see the power of a couple of links. The rest of the blog is just ticking along as normal as if nothing happened, but I enjoy sharing things whether it's with five or five thousand. My biggest problem of late has been having too many post ideas. I'm hoping to get more of those happening soon.

My major project at work also hits it's biggest milestone this week. I'm sure everything's going to go well but wish me luck all the same!


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