Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lessons from cycling

  1. Take any opportunity to get out into a beautiful sunny afternoon 
  2. Barossa 'Valley' should offer some hints about the terrain 
  3. Flat to a car and flat to a bicycle are not the same thing
  4. Turns out the climb with the greatest altitude gain might be the shallowest
  5. Sometimes given exhaustion and an opportunity to give up I keep going anyway
  6. It is okay to get off and walk if you need to but...
  7. When you do get to the top of the hill the sense of accomplishment is wonderful 
  8. When you look back and realise you achieved more than you thought you were capable of the feeling is pretty good too
  9. Sometimes you may have to brake for livestock and wildlife 
  10. Bicycle mechanics are amazing, as is the difference when you add 30psi and don't have a brake jammed against the wheel
  11. If you stop cycling for several months, whatever your reasoning, walking and climbing the stairs at work will not make up for it
By the end of Autumn I will substantially improve my time and reduce the number of hills requiring contact between shoes and path.


  1. 4. Always. The freeway and Norton Summit have NOTHING on Upper Sturt Road.
    11. So true.
    12. You could always have done the last corner faster, but never the next one.
    13. The downhill after an uphill doesn't average your time, but it sure feels great!

    1. There is nothing quite like the downhill after a difficult uphill :D