Tuesday, January 13, 2015

2015 photo challenge week 2

5- I continued sketchnoting 'Are Libraries Obsolete?' by Mark Y Herring. I'm noting it as I go, stopping as I find a point to take down. I'll combine this record with a brief after-impression for comparison but it'll take a while as it's slow going. Interesting exercise though, and I'm getting better at sketchnoting. This is, in two ways, part of my learning efforts. Both the book itself and the sketchnoting are learning experiences.

6- I got a parcel in the mail - a t-shirt I ordered a long time ago that was awaiting printing. Parcels in the mail are an excellent day-brightener.

7- The Christmas tree came down today... this room is looking rather dull without it. I've got to see what I can do about that within limits of renting, not spending a ton of money and the high probability of moving soon. There's a picture hook just out of view, I might find something bigger than the current A4 resident.

8 - It was wonderful to have rain today. In a break between showers I went outside to see what I could see. My rose bush, recovering well, had caught some raindrops. I love the multiple layers of reflection within this one. Re-edited from the original post to Instagram.

9- I was desperate to get outside after hot and wet days kept me from doing so. Although there were weather warnings out for strong showers I took the chance and sat by the river in Dead Man's Pass with a book. I stayed for half an hour or so then moved on as the winds were picking up. It was refreshing and I don't regret a moment of it.

10 - I spent some time with Mum and Dad, first searching for things in storage, then socialising. Mum's roses are beautiful as ever. Excuse the fuzz, phone doesn't perform well in low light.

11 - Nerf War day, and two photos ... because. I had so much fun. It was exhausting and exhilarating and wonderful. I did well enough - scored a few good hits though I was probably hit at least as often. I'm hoping to mod both of my blasters (1x maverick, 1x strongarm) as a challenge for next time... and possibly find my second maverick which is hiding well.

Please pardon this week's delay, first Nerf War exhaustion, then browser behaviour issues conspired, but here it is.

When I finish reading the fifth book of this year (nearly done) I might do a brief recap/review of those.

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