Sunday, January 6, 2013

Found Alphabet - A

Late last year I decided that I would do a found alphabet - the plan was to post once every weekend starting in the first week of 2013 and to continue until Z is achieved. I was inspired by urban and natural alphabets I've seen made by photographers and artists. They are often quite strictly themed but I am being a little more relaxed - focusing on any part of my environment.

To that end, here is my first effort. I was amazed by how many As I found in my search. I found several in the branches of trees, some were there naturally, others were the product of perspective. I also found a few in unexpected places in the house. Once I started looking I saw letters all over the place. If I can get the lighting right I'll have a fairly awesome J in a few months!

The one I decided was clearest and best was this one - the last one I found out on a walk. This is in the playground at Bailey Reserve/Goodale Reserve (where the boundary lies I don't know).

I've come up with some rules for myself for this challenge... they are as follows.
  • The alphabet will be completed in order
  • Upper case is preferred
  • Natural and man-made letters are acceptable
  • Indoor and outdoor are acceptable
  • Size of the letter does not matter
  • Temporary and permanent objects are both fine
  • Messing around with perspective, angles and direction are all fine
  • The objects may not be deliberately placed or interfered with for the photograph
  • They may not be deliberate representations of the letters - no signage or use of the Marion Community Centre wall allowed 
Just because, here are some of the other decent contenders for this week's letter.

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