Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Found Alphabet - D

Much as with the week I was searching for A I kept on finding Ds everywhere. I need to get into the habit of carrying my camera everywhere again, as I wasn't always able to catch them. I did go D-hunting today (It's a long weekend so the Monday totally counts) and caught some at a party on Sunday. The one I chose I especially liked - and it's got the D for dog thing going which is a bonus. Playground equipment was also amazing for D finding. I found a whole lot more than I'm showing here. It was... a succesful week.

B was particularly elusive in its week - I didn't have any extras to show. But I did find an unexpected one today, this showed up where a piece of playground equipment had been ripped up.


  1. Loving this idea! I saw your D on Facebook and clicked through to see the rest of the alphabet so far.

    Can I suggest you watch for punctuation and symbols as optional extras? I still remember finding a couple of cargo hooks forming a love heart when I was at uni - it's a spectacular photo despite the pedestrian stuff that's in it.

    1. Thank you! That might actually be a really good way to continue this - I was wondering what I could do when I got to Z...

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