Sunday, February 24, 2013

Hutt Street Library outdoor reading room

I found an oasis of art, calm, green and reflection right in the heart of the city today - the Hutt St Library's outdoor reading room. The library wasn't open today but this fantastic little space, just a couple of parking spaces given new purpose, is available at any time (despite what the link says) and will be here until some time in April. The coffee shop next door serves a pretty decent coffee too.

 We're well within library wi-fi range so if you've had your login set up you can connect to the library wireless and download an e-book from the library's collection well outside of the actual opening hours of the library.  I took along a more traditional printed book - I'm currently reading 'The transformed library: e-books, expertise, and evolution' by Jeannette Woodward, which seems like a very appropriate book to read here. Why not come along and have a look, sit and read and enjoy a coffee? It's a wonderful thing to come across in the heart of the city.

P.S.   There are likely more things going on here during opening hour so I'll be visiting again later on.


  1. What a lovely spot! I wish I was visiting in time to see it. Hopefully it'll be such a success that it's permanent.

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