Monday, February 4, 2013

Found Alphabet - E

E was a letter I found all over the place. It was easy to find - difficult to find those that were well defined. I didn't always have a camera hand but I had a lot of shots to look at this week. In the end I chose this one - it's an extreme close-up of a computer at work. If the staff don't look at me too funny I might try re-taking it next week. It's a little fuzzy. If I take one of the public computers before opening the light there should make it better.

There were several Es I liked so in the end I asked Mum to pick a winner. What do you think?

I have put a few of the others I liked below. Including one that's a bit of a cheat as it's lower case, but when I saw it I had to take it. Some of those I didn't include are a bit abstract, or a bit too like earlier weeks. There was another angled and cropped shot of a park sign like D, and another of the wood carvings in the hall, similar to C. The end of the slide was nice, but I decided it was not very clear, so ... these were my finalists.

I've already seen some Fs I want to try to photograph this week. I think like this week the challenge will be finding a high quality one, whereas I think that G week will, like B week, be more about finding one at all. I was thinking through the alphabet while walking and looking for Es earlier today... G and Q seem the most challenging. But first I'll worry about F.

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