Monday, December 30, 2013

Found Alphabet - W

I was incredibly lucky to get this shot - one morning this moth was just sitting on my verandha and it stayed put while I got a camera extremely close to it to get this. I wish I'd had my SLR ready to go to get a much more detailed close-up but I'll consider myself lucky to have this one. The unedited shot below (you will have to click on it to expand to full size) shows the amazing texture of the moth's wing. This was as close as a zoom/distance combo could get me without losing focus.

I have some other Ws that I'm also very happy with but I just didn't know how to top the one above... and yes, the same moth was a back up U - it's quite the show-off... these were found on a walk around this area. I especially like the tree, it was tough deciding between that and the photo I chose to feature.

I realise I miscalculated yesterday so tomorrow there should be a morning and afternoon post (bonus).

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