Monday, December 30, 2013

Found Alphabet - X

I'm so happy with today's X photos that I had to ask a friend to help me select which one to go with. Asides the half-shadow one they're all pretty decent resolution too - doesn't make it easy!

This is a rotated shot of a cast iron heritage street lamp in Gawler. I pass by it and many other beautiful heritage features every work day.

The shadow photo I'll attempt again later - at the moment the sun's in the right position when the light is getting quite dim so with a lot of zoom involved it's a touch difficult to get a good quality shot.

The shot with pigeons is the underside of a heritage road bridge - I like it for the pigeons and how lined up I managed to get several rows of struts, there is, however, the inevitable byproduct of pigeons in there too...

The staircase jumped out at me from some distance - I wish I could somehow have all of these as my feature shot...

Another post later tonight with Y - I've not edited/cropped/rotated any shots for that yet but I've got at least two I believe will come out exceptionally well.

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